The Results Of Trusting Someone Else With Nudes

It’ll be very hard to believe that at this stage of 2016, someone doesn’t use snapchat. Everyone does, and the hype of snapchat has been driving people crazy! Snapchat Nudes


While using this app, when someone sends a picture to another person, the viewer can view the snap for a few seconds before it disappears forever. Or does it? Of course, snapchat notifies you when someone screenshots your pictures, but what about when the person owns a jail-broken iPhone? Or if the person has access to apps or software which allow him to screenshot pictures without the knowledge of the sender?

Snapchat, of course, warns to the extent that your picture has been screenshot, but what happens later, is something we only find out when we see it for ourselves. Several online websites exposing nudity of teens who send snapchat nudes to each other are present on the internet. Boys slut-shame other girls, and it is all thanks to the lovely photos the girls sent to them on their snapchats.


Well, that’s something that the teens, not only girls but even boys, did not take into consideration. Snapchat usernames are being exchanged virally. Without any concern, someaffairs, also called the “digital affairs” are going on. As humiliating as it can get, girls send a bit too exposed snapchat nudes to their so called lovers, which not only get a screenshot but get posted on other social media as well. The results? Complete disgrace of the other person.

After so many reported cases of similar views, teens of today need to put their shirts back on and try to cope with what chaos is being created in the world of internet, today. Snapchat nudes are a big problem being faced today. Snapchat was even blamed for invasion of privacy without the concerns of other at one point. However, they confirmed that it is not the, to be blamed, but they cannot do anything about third-usage apps which invade privacy.


A report mentions a 15-year-old girl, who allegedly committed suicide after her snapchat nudes were leaked and all her friends bullied her about it. Her parents are still of course, in demand of justice.

However, the basic people who are to blame for these leaks are:

  • Snapchat itself
  • The people who create third-party apps to save snaps
  • The person who sends the nudes is to take the most blame upon himself

People in this era of such digitality are not to be trusted. Hence you have to be aware of your surroundings yourself. It’s high time that teens understand what they’re doing is going to cost them a lot more than respect, and they need to stop it as soon as possible.